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In-Out Tank Head (P/N LC-D1400)
(P/N LC-D1400)
In-Out Tank Head with Fill Port (P/N LC-D1220-01)
(P/N LC-D1220-01)
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Operating Pressure:
20 to 125 psi
138 to 862 kPa
40 to 110°F
4 to 43°C
Install only on cold water supplies.
Recommend flow rate 4 to 8.5 gpm based on 3 to 6 fps velocity for a 3/4 inch riser/distribution bottom system.
Flow rate may be increased to 15 gpm if riser/distribution bottom system is upgraded to 1 inch capability.
Service Flow Pressure Drop curve
In-Out Tank Heads are designed for downflow filter applications or upflow pH neutralization.
The In-Out Tank Head (P/N LC-D1400) is molded out of a rugged thermoplastic resin and features a 1/4 inch FPT air vent port which can be drilled out to accept an air relief valve. The 1 inch In-Out Tank Head is fully ported to provide maximum flow rates.* It incorporates a standard 2-1/2 inch tank connection and features parallel inlet and outlet ports to easily adapt to standard plumbing connections or SWT's Inline Bypass Valve Assembly. A full line of fitting plumbing connection kits are available (see below).

The In-Out Tank Head with Fill Port (P/N LC-D1220-01) has a removable fill port cap to allow easy access to the media bed. It includes a removable upper distributor basket providing access to the top of the riser pipe, allowing water to be drained from the tank when replacing media. The In-Out Tank Head with Fill Port also includes a utility wrench for use with the removable cap. A full line of top and bottom distributors are available.
* NOTE: Riser pipe port is sized for a 3/4 inch (1.050 inch O.D.) pipe.
APPLICATIONS In-Out Tank Head shown in vertical installation
In-Out Tank Head shown in horizontal installation
Pictured above with Bypass Valve P/N LC-V3006 (sold separately).
LC-V3007 1 inch PVC male NPT elbow
LC-V3007-01 3/4 x 1 inch PVC solvent elbow
LC-V3007-02LF 1 inch lead free brass sweat
LC-V3007-03LF 3/4 inch lead free brass sweat
LC-V3007-04 1 inch plastic male NPT
LC-V3007-05 1.25 inch plastic male NPT
LC-V3007-06 1 inch plastic male BSPT
LC-V3007-07 1.25 & 1.5 inch PVC solvent
LC-V3007-08 1.25 inch plastic male BSPT
LC-V3007-09LF 1.25 & 1.5 inch lead free brass sweat
LC-V3007-12LF 3/4 inch lead free brass SharkBite®
LC-V3007-13LF 1 inch lead free brass SharkBite®
LC-V3007-14 3/4 inch plastic male BSPT
LC-V3007-15 3/4 inch John Guest® QC elbow
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